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Lantz with official misconduct and forgery, after review, I do not believe the evidence against Ms. Lantz amounts to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, States Attorney Patrick Kenneally said in a statement. The forgery charge against Lantz was expected to go to trial Monday. The charge is a Class 3 felony. Lantzs attorney, Jim Harrison, said he believed the state concluded that they didnt have enough evidence to secure a conviction. If the case did go to trial he believed Lantz would have prevailed, Harrison said. Harrison said he will file a petition in the coming weeks to expunge Lantzs criminal record. He also said petitions for attorneys fees, expected to be refunded by the county, will be determined at a later date. Because Lantz was coroner at the time of her alleged crimes, her legal defense will be paid by taxpayers. Lantz was entitled to representation by the McHenry County States Attorneys Office, which being the entity that charged her, had a conflict of interest. Attorney Mark Gummerson represented Lantz before Harrison took over. Wilbrandt also previously ordered a special prosecutor to represent the county in the financial matter as there was a conflict of interest present as well. The Kane County States Attorneys Office was appointed to represent McHenry County at that time.

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