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Dallas did not sexually harass any of the six women who accused him, however, he is still being reprimanded by the city for "inappropriate and unprofessional" behavior, City Attorney Glen Mozingo announced. The investigation was an ugly chapter for the beautiful Carmel By The Sea. Councilwoman Carrie Theis said, "We are asking this community to demonstrate that our village can overcome adversity." Women reported that Dallas made crude, sexually-charged comments while he attended public events as mayor, including when he described a friend as a "fluffer." Fluffers are used for filming pornography. The mayor did not attend the press conference, but he is slated to issue a public apology at the next City Council meeting. In addition to releasing the findings of a 3-month-long sexual harassment investigation, Mozingo announced that investigators discovered a plot was staged against Dallas. A group of Carmel residents allegedly conspired for the mayor to be physically attacked. Mozingo said the group paid a Salinas man $100 to assault Dallas in a Carmel bar. The group planned to record the fight on video to make it appear as though the mayor had engaged in a bar brawl. The Salinas man's attack was thwarted by a retired police officer who happened to also be in the bar at that moment, Mozingo said. When the assailant grabbed Dallas' arm, the officer protected the mayor and helped him to safety. Mozingo said the city will ask the Monterey County District Attorney's Office to file criminal charges against people involved in the plot.

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