Career Decisions Of Young Attorneys In The Early Stages Of Private Practice Are More Influenced Just The Opposite Occurs.

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Attorney’s Office,” he said. As a prosecutor, Gatta said he made a practice of “kicking the tires” on cases to make sure the theories and beliefs behind them were sound. As manager, when line assistants would bring him cases, he say he would “pressure-test their assumptions about that putative defendant.” “I think it’s really important for federal prosecutors to have represented defendants in a case,” he said. “You have an enormous responsibility to wield the investigative and prosecutorial power of the U.S. government.” This respect for the authority the office wielded was a natural byproduct of Gatta’s own humility and experience that made him “a prosecutor’s prosecutor,” according to Amanda Hector, who served with and under Gatta before leaving the office in January 2017. “He understood what it was like to be down in the trenches, and if there’s ever someone who you want to be in the trenches with, Jim was it,” she said. That’s not always a skill set that translates to being a good manager, Hector, who serves as general counsel at an investment advisory firm, said. But in Gatta’s case, “it really did.” “He understood what it meant to be a great prosecutor, and he wanted to support everyone in doing that work. That was of the utmost importance to him,” she said. Through it all, the “first, second and third priority was to do the right thing” in the Brooklyn office.

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