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Harris is leaving office after her election to the U.S. Senate on Nov. 8, 2016. less California Attorney General Kamala Harriss office reversed direction on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016, saying it would not intervene in a lawsuit challenging the fairness of the states cash-bail system for ... more Photo: Michael Short, Special To The Chronicle Attorney general reverses direction on challenge to bail system 1/1 Back to Gallery A legal challenge to the bail system in San Francisco courts will go forward without the active support of Attorney General Kamala Harris , who has changed her mind and declined to file a motion in its support, her office said Wednesday. Her decision, announced by spokeswoman Kristin Ford , reversed a decision last week to join the challenge to the cash-bail system, which requires a criminal defendant to post cash or other security in order to be released from custody before trial. We actually didnt end up filing a motion to intervene, Ford said. The lawsuit by the nonprofit group Equal Justice Under Law on behalf of two indigent defendants is seeking to overturn the centuries-old bail system. The suit contends it is unfair to keep poor people behind bars simply because they are unable to come up with the cash either monetary bail or the nonrefundable 10 percent fee charged by bail bond companies. Phil Telfeyan , executive director of the group, said his challenge to the wealth-based detention scheme would continue unabated. We will continue to fight until California's unjust pay-for-freedom system comes to an end, he said.

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